About primers and adhesion promoters, how to find the right product?


A primer is a ground layer applied to the substrate, under the flooring adhesive, in order to make that surface ideally suited for the installation of your wooden floor. Such a primer can be used for several reasons:

The subfloor is weak or in poor conditionfor a correct installation of your flooring, it is necessary that the surface is firm, does not crumble and is not cracked. If that is the case, then you will need to use a primer that strengthens the subfloor. For an additional reinforcement of the weak cement, both in depth and on the surface, Lalegno recommends Chimiver Prymer W 30 K.

Extra levelling of the floorIf the subfloor has blemishes that can interfere with the correct installation of your wooden floor. Then, it is necessary to apply an additional levelling layer on the subfloor. Primers PUB 77, and SF 1105 (A + B) by Chimiver can be mixed with sand and then form a good levelling compound with which you can cover differences of less than 3 millimetres.

To repair cracks and tears If you mix primers PUB 77 and SF 1105 (A + B) by Chimiver with sand, you can use them to fill in cracks and fissures.

As an additional vapour barrier in subfloors with a residual moisture content of up to 5%, you can use Chimiver’s PUB 77 (together with a nylon moisture barrier), but also the SF 1105 (A + B) and the FAST 500 are suitable.

In order to improve the adhesion of parquet adhesive on non-absorbent substrates (such as a ceramic floor, for example) you use an adhesion promoter.

Adhesion promoters

An adhesion promoter is a substance that allows flooring glue to adhere better to the surface of the subfloor. This may be especially necessary when the subfloor is hard but non-absorbent in nature, as is the case, for example, with ceramic tiles.

Which adhesion promoter you choose depends on the type of flooring adhesive you want to use. Do you want to glue your floor with a two-component adhesive, then Lalegno encourages the adhesion promoter Diluente APA by Chimiver. For bonding with a (MS) Polymeric Adhesive the Levigatore Liquido by Chimiver is a good option.